Eighth Healer

TCM-based teas for Optimum Wellness

Healing herbal teas that restore optimum balance. Naturally.

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TCM Self-Care made easy.

Made for your
modern lifestyle

We tackle common lifestyle ills with our original formulations. Choose what you need based on your habit.

Real ingredients,
real solutions

Our 100% natural, caffeine free, ingredients are mindfully-selected for their proven healing properties.

Crafted by certified,
TCM practitioner

Draw on the timeless wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to optimise wellness for your lifestyle.


Eighth Healer teas promote good health, based on what your body needs. With a philosophy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our teas are crafted from 100% natural herbs chosen according to TCM prescription theory for effective body balancing. Our teas are also free from caffeine, additives and added sugar.

With a hint of sweetness derived from natural ingredients, Eighth Healer teas have a pleasant, subtle flavour that everyone can enjoy as part of a sustainable self-care routine. Simply choose from our collection of teas to suit your lifestyle, and drink to your health!

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