Eighth Healer


Eighth Healer was started by Winnie Yip and Catherine Tang out of a Traditional Chinese herbal shop in Hong Kong in 2017. Born out of many conversations with their friends and family around wellness and longevity, they realised that the desire for well-being is universal. Their desire to share their experiences and the wisdom of TCM led them to create a series of unique products tailored for modern lifestyles.

Winnie Yip

As a third-generation practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Winnie grew up immersed in a traditional practice that encompassed healing as well as a multi-layered, integrated philosophy of living that serves real needs. Now, as a certified TCM practitioner for over a decade, Winnie observes that many ailments are easily preventable by improving one’s lifestyle choices and habits.

Catherine Tang

At 16, Catherine was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis. When modern medicine failed to offer her solutions, she turned to TCM and recovered after a year of treatment. Having experienced the healing of TCM, she is now a passionate advocate for its benefits and enjoys sharing its wisdom and traditions with others.